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Teachers’ Pension/ Salary Protection Review

Cost: 1 hour@ €100

Ah, the magical land of teaching, where pencils fly and chalk dust sparkles in the air probably white board marker caps these days!

Now imagine your teacher as a superhero, equipped with a special power called "The Pensionator." Cue the superhero theme music!

Here's how it works: Every time a teacher dons their cape and enters the classroom, they contribute a portion of their salary to The Pensionator’ s trusty sidekick, the Pension Fund.

It's like a savings account that grows while they're busy transforming students into knowledge-hungry superheroes.

No capes are required to participate in a teacher's pension plan.

However, if you haven’t a glimmer of what you are paying into then this is the one for you. Enjoy teaching and keep saving the world, one student at a time!

  • Current Products explained.
  • Pension Forecast
  • Generate your tax-free lump sum at retirement.
  • Payslip explained.
  • Personalized Retirement planning advice
  • Full plan provided via email after consultation.
  • Single or joint consult (joint consult plus €50)

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