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What is Mortgage Protection?

Bubble wrap for your mortgage!

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance is simply a decreasing benefit term life insurance. However, the monthly payment stays the same although the coverage amount decreases

You probably already know if you have a mortgage, you must have mortgage protection ....

Did you know that you are not obliged to take out Mortgage Protection from your lender no matter what they say! To be honest you absolutely should not!

Typically, the cover you buy from the bank is more expensive than a policy you can buy on your own. Surprise! Surprise! Banks are usually tied to one provider. You have a far better chance of getting the best deal by using an independent broker.

HINT We are that broker! We will scour the market for you and get you the best deal that is available. I can tell you now I will get you a better deal than a bank ever would. Let's be honest here and think about when did the banks ever do anything that didn't benefit them!

Can I switch my Mortgage Protection?

Yes, and yes again! You can apply for new cover at any time throughout your mortgage. The application process is easy. Once we have the basic details such as age and address, the key details are your smoker status and medical history. As soon as we have your signed documents, we will work on getting it issued and we can have policies out within 24 hours! Now we are human and not robots so we will say now it can and does sometimes take longer. We can't control every outside factor!

Why choose us for Mortgage Protection?

If you want a Financial Advisor who always puts you first, then get in touch.

We have successfully obtained hundreds of thousands worth of mortgage protection cover for our clients, we can get your cover in place quickly and easily and at the lowest price. We have built a reputation for building long-term relationships with our clients. Aside from that our ethos is keep it simple. We avoid jargon and say it like it is!! We’ll give you sound, unbiased advice on all aspects of your financial life so you can choose what works best for you.

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Mortgage Protection Life Insurance is simply a decreasing benefit term life insurance. However, the monthly payment stays the same although... Read More