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Income Protection deducted from payslip


If you have income protection deducted directly from your payslip, it is likely part of a union scheme. Typically, these schemes provide coverage for 75% of your salary in case of illness.

There may also be a variable on your payslip, which constitutes a form of life cover and, in some cases, critical illness cover. It's important to note that the Income Protection component is distinct from life cover and serious illness cover.

To obtain additional information about these group schemes, you should contact your provider. Keep in mind that membership in a union is a prerequisite to benefit from these schemes. If you are unsure of who your provider is please check with your union rep.

We generally recommend staying enrolled in these schemes if you have income protection, as they offer good value.

If, after contacting your provider, you still need further information, please feel free to schedule a consultation, and we will be happy to provide guidance.

You can do so here 

If you have Income Protection and it is through a private provider please click here