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What is an Avc and how does it work?

An AVC, or Additional Voluntary Contribution, is an extra contribution you can make on top of your regular payments into a pension scheme. These additional payments can help boost your retirement benefits beyond what you would receive from your standard contributions alone.

How does an Avc work? 

An Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) is a tax efficient, optional payment you can make to enhance your retirement benefits and give you greater options at retirement.

Here's the rundown: Each time you don your work persona and step into your workspace, a portion of your salary goes to The Pensionator's faithful sidekick, the Pension Fund.

Think of it as a financial sanctuary that flourishes while you're busy shaping projects and collaborating with colleagues, turning your everyday tasks into steps toward a secure future.

No superhero capes are mandatory to join this financial league. The Pensionator welcomes all, whether you're wielding the power of spreadsheets or the finesse of customer service. It's a lesson in financial wisdom, where the satisfaction of your work converges with the foresight of savings.

So, as you continue to excel in your profession and contribute to your field, rest assured that The Pensionator is diligently working behind the scenes. Working, saving, and building a solid foundation for the future—one task at a time! 🦸‍♂️✨💼


  • Tax Relief – You can claim up to 40%* tax relief on your contributions to your AVC Plan.
  • Tax Free Growth – Under current legislation, the fund in which your contributions are invested benefits from tax free growth, unlike most other saving methods which are liable for tax.
  • Tax Free Lump Sum – A portion of your fund may be taken as a tax free lump sum at retirement, subject to Revenue rules.
  • Flexibility – Save what you can afford to, knowing you can change the amount of your contributions at any time, to suit your personal circumstances.
  • Retire Early – Plan for early retirement (from age 50)**.

If your Avc is deducted at source your provider is most likely Cornmarket so if you need further information or calculations on your existing Avc go back to them in the first case- you are paying for ongoing advice.

If after that you are still not sure of what is going on by all means book in for a consult here


When an AVC (Additional Voluntary Contribution) is "paid up," it means that the person has finished making contributions to their AVC fund. Essentially, they've put in all the money they planned to.

This might happen because they've reached a limit on how much they can contribute, or they've achieved their savings goal.

Once it's paid up, the money is typically invested and left to grow until the person decides to access it, usually at retirement.

Sometimes people make their AVCs paid up while saving for something else or they signed up without understanding what they were and cancelled them.

Your money will still be there, it will still be growing, and it will be available when you retire.

If you have a dormant AVC, the best advice at the moment is to go back to the provider and restart it. You have already paid your set up fees, so good financial planning is go back and get the service you have paid for.

If, after speaking with your provider, you still desire additional information and seek advice on the matter, we are more than happy to assist. You can schedule a consultation with us here.

Why do we charge for this? "We charge for our services because unicorns don't work for free, and neither do we! It takes a sprinkle of magic, a dash of expertise, and a sprinkle of coffee to bring you the fantastic service you deserve. 🦄💻☕"

In most cases people are already set up with other providers but are looking to understand what they have and there is rarely if ever a need to change what you have as we would nearly always direct you back to your existing provider.

All about being upfront here.

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