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No we haven’t gone into the picture frame business !! That really wouldn’t be a good move far too accident prone ! Right from the start credit for this has to go to Matt Chapman of who has so kindly given us permission to share it . Matt is a solid broker who is…

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Why are people so afraid of Life Insurance ?

If you are reading this article you’re not dead but You will die someday hopefully not for a very very long time ! If you have loads of life cover read on you might learn something you didn’t already know  if you don’t have any, read on you might understand how important it is and…

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There are a few types of Insurance that I recommend A few will come to mind instantly 1 Car Insurance Some handy tips here to reduce your premium but shop around! You can read more here 2 House Insurance There are two main types of home insurance cover, these are: 1 Buildings cover: this…

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