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Should I Get Life Insurance

So you’re here because you’re thinking you should do the grown up thing and get some life assurance or something but you haven’t an iota where to start !

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AVC’s Time to take away the Mystery

Book a consult Additional Voluntary Contributions. An Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) is a tax-efficient way to fund extra income when you retire. At retirement, you can use the money invested in an AVC to buy the additional pension benefits you want, subject to Revenue rules. Benefits of an AVC What makes an AVC different to…

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Things they never tell first time Parents!

THE THINGS THEY NEVER TELL FIRST-TIME PARENTS!!  Children are expensive ! Its like having a little automatic ATM card and you’re the machine . When my son was born, we received about 15 baby blankets, three hooded towels and countless words of wisdom about sleeping schedules. But no one mentioned the long-term financial implications of our…

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