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There are a few types of Insurance that I recommend

A few will come to mind instantly

1 Car Insurance

Some handy tips here to reduce your premium but shop around!

You can read more here

2 House Insurance

There are two main types of home insurance cover, these are:

1 Buildings cover: this covers the property itself including the main building and other permanent fixtures and fittings.

2 Contents Cover: this covers belongings including furniture and valuables etc.

Never just accept your renewal quote from your existing insurer because it is likely you will save money by shopping around for cheaper cover.

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3 Income Insurance

This really should be top of the list!! So, what is it anyway

It’s a payment that protects 75% of your Income if you cannot work due to accident or illness. Read more about it here

Get Income Protection or Wage Protector. If you have no income, you are quite frankly up the creek without a paddle.

4 Life Insurance

You should be covered for 10-12 times your annual income.

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5 Mortgage Insurance

All you need here is a decreasing term policy. Do not tie your serious illness to this product. If it’s set up that way change it! Read more

6 Rent Insurance

€1,414 was the average monthly rent in Ireland at the end of last year. There are three options available to you to cover your rent should you want to make sure you’re covered. Contact us for more info.

7 Serious illness

Should you be diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses on your policy you can receive a lump sum to cover essential bills while you recover.


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8 Accident Cover

Provides coverage due to an accident that temporarily prevents the insured person from working. The benefit is payable per week up to a maximum of 52 weeks*. There is a waiting period of 14 days for each loss. The policy will only pay 14 days AFTER the date of loss (this period is non-payable).

9 Cancer Cover

Many people are financially protected in the event of death, but too few people have sufficient ‘survival insurance’ in place. Serious illness protection is one such ‘survival insurance’, as is Cancer Cover.  Cancer Cover is different to traditional serious illness plans as it focuses solely on cancer and therefore, it costs less than serious illness protection.

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