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When did you last prune your Pension Tree?

Did you know that your pension is like a tree? I know imagine a real live living thing that you must look after!

It is not static. It’s not like an insurance policy, that you can arrange once and then file away in a drawer and forget about (although you really shouldn’t file away and forget about them either!)

Your pension is organic. It is growing and developing, and as it grows, just like a tree it must be regularly tended, checked, and reviewed.

If you have your pension checked yearly, it will not only develop but flourish: growing your money as quickly as it can grow, and building you a pot that has given you a good return on the contributions you put in. Kind of like the apple tree in the garden 😊

But there’s always a downside, isn’t there? In this case, the downside is that if you don’t have your pension funds checked and monitored, your money might not be working as hard as it should.

In the financial services industry, underperforming funds are known as ‘dog funds’ and they can seriously affect your wealth – but not in a good way.

I mean, when a dog approaches your pension ‘tree’, well …. we all know what dogs do when they’re passing a tree.

For you the pension saver, the good news is that your money can be switched out of underperforming funds and into top performers, so that you’re getting the best available, every year.

A pension check is a bit like getting a service done on your car.

Just by asking for a pension review, and then if necessary, switching, the additional long-term growth you can achieve can win you thousands of euros you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Win Win!    

Book that review today and get that Pension tree Blossoming!