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Notional Service Purchase/ Buying back years

Members of civil or public sector pension schemes who are likely to have less than 40 years’ service by their minimum retirement age, can top up their benefits through the purchase of Notional Service.

So you already know this much but how does it work and what is it?

Notional Service Purchase scheme can help you to make up for shortfalls in your service at your Normal Retirement age (NRA) due to unpaid leave, working abroad, job sharing and so on. Not all teachers can avail themselves of this service but for those who it can be awfully expensive.

To use this option, you must have a minimum of 9yrs actual service @ your NRA


  • Defined Benefits scheme, you are buying a guaranteed pension.
  • Once the price is set that’s it
  • Not depending on the markets
  • No fees and charges
  • Tax relief same as your pension contributions


  • Only useful to those missing years at NRA of 60 or 65.
  • Not flexible once you buy in it cannot be undone.
  • Must purchase all benefits, pension, lump sum, and death benefits.
  • Inflexible benefits in retirement. Cannot access ARF, draw additional benefits early in retirement.
  • Does not pass to next of kin
  • It can be expensive for every euro you want extra in your pension it will cost you €22 approx.  now.

If you are interested in Notional Service, we can help you to get an estimate as to the cost and the benefits. 

Speak to us to get further info and some sound advice.