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Do You Really Need Income Protection?

Straight answer YES!

If you have an income you need to protect it .

Do you take your I.T. for granted?
You turn up to work, fire up your laptop and it just works. We go about our day, doing our job whilst the IT takes care of itself.

But what about when it stops working? When it decides to update in the middle of a presentation. When your computer crashes and you lose everything you’ve been working on. Or worse still, when you get a horrible virus!

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This is Dave ! Carmel is the specialist here 🙂

In this case, IT stands for Income Trifecta.

The Trifecta is made up of

The INCOME you need when you’re alive
The INCOME they need when you retire
The INCOME your family needs if you die.

We use lifestyle protection such as Income Protection and Family Cover to make sure your I.T. is always working. When life is going well, we tend to take money for granted. Money pays our bills, lets us take care of our family, enjoy our home, car, hobbies, and holidays.

What is Income Protection Insurance?

Also called Salary Protection or Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)

It is different to health insurance – it is insurance for daily living. When illness or injury leaves you unable to work, income protection provides you with financial security.

What is so good about it ?

  • You don’t have to die for it to come in useful.
  • It’ll pay your bills and your rent/mortgage  when you can’t.
  • Its tax deductible at up to 40%

If you can’t work FOR ANY REASON (with the exception of redundancy), the insurer will pay you a replacement salary of up to 75 per cent of what you were earning.

So why would you not have it ??

We use lifestyle protection such as Income Protection and Family Cover to make sure your I.T. is always working.

Income Protection to ringfence your income so you’re protected whilst alive and for when you retire and Family Cover to replace the income you bring into the household to support those you leave behind.

In the same way we are encouraged to use Antivirus protection to safeguard our laptops, we need to do the same thing with our income.

After all, you don’t want that to crash! It’s a lot harder to reboot!

Speak to an I.T. specialist today us of course!! and make sure your lifestyle protection systems are working properly. 🙂