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Wage Protector


The money you earn from your job or business pays for almost everything you have. It pays for your home, your car, your children’s care and education, the holidays you enjoy, the food you eat, your social life and much, much more. You probably don’t think twice about protecting your home, your car and probably your health care with some form of insurance.So why wouldn’t you protect your wages, upon which so much of your life depends?Let me introduce Wage Protector from Aviva

What is Wage Protector?

Wage Protector is a unique offering in the Irish income protection market, designed to be a lower cost option to the traditional product. It provides you with a replacement income if you cannot work due to any illness, injury, or disability.

Who is Wage Protector suitable for?

Wage Protector is suitable for those that require a lower cost income protection option as it is designed to provide cover for a lower premium. It may be a more affordable type of income protection cover for those that working in occupations that are deemed higher risk.

How does Wage Protector work?

The product is divided into two types of cover:

Transitional cover: This cover kicks in after the deferred period (4, 8, 13 or 26 weeks) and pays a replacement income for 24 months if you’re unable to do your own job. This provides an opportunity to get back on your feet or prepare for an alternative job. After this initial period, depending on your circumstances, full Disability Cover may apply.

Disability cover: This cover will apply after 24 months if you’re unable to return to any work due to significant illness or injury and suffer a loss of earnings as a result. A Functional Assessment Test must be passed to qualify for this cover. This is a simple, easy to understand set of physical and mental ability tests.

How much does Wage Protector cost?

The cost of your plan will be determined by a number of factors such as your age, smoker status, your occupation, and the deferred period (the length of time before payment kicks in) you choose.

Additional Automatic Benefits when your takeout an Aviva Wage Protection policy, Best Doctors Second Medical Opinion, Aviva Family Care Benefit, Hospital Cash Benefit, Waiver of Premium, Proportionate Benefit, Relapsed Benefit

Tax Relief on Premiums

Premiums paid are currently eligible for tax relief at the policyholder’s marginal tax rate.

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