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Newly Qualified Teachers

Newly Qualified Teachers

Cost: 1 hour@ €70 now €35

Embarking on the Teaching Adventure: Transitioning from College to Classroom

Congratulations on becoming a newly qualified teacher!

As you embark on this noble journey of shaping young minds, it's crucial to give your financial future the attention it deserves. Your teaching journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and planning for retirement is crucial.

Remember, you're not just starting a career; you're beginning a lifelong adventure. With a dash of financial wisdom, a pinch of budget magic, and a sprinkle of thoughtful planning, your financial journey as a new teacher can be as rewarding as the lessons you impart in the classroom.

Cheers to the exciting chapters ahead! 🍎💸🎓

What we do

·         Breaking down your pension scheme

·         Payslip Analysis

·         Personalized Retirement planning advice

·         Pension/Avc Set up.

·         Salary Protection and life cover

·         Savings Advice

·         Assistance with application process and policy documentation

·         Ability to organise Mortgage consult with our mortgage partner.

·         Schedule follow up consultations if necessary.

·         Full plan provided via email after consultation.

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