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Regular Savings

Savings Plans for Everyone



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Savings Plans for Everyone

Whether you're saving for a new home, your dream wedding, college fees, or just for a rainy day, a strategic savings plan can make all the difference. First off you need to set a goal! Its like the sat nav it will only work once you put in the destination.



Long-Term Saving Strategy

Long-term saving is crucial for achieving your financial goals and building wealth over time.

Our approach considers short, medium, and long-term goals, access needs, growth objectives, and risk tolerance.


Regular Savings Plan


No matter your financial goals, whether it's a new home, a dream wedding, or emergency funds, a well-designed savings plan is key. Our Regular Savings Plan helps your savings grow over time by investing in diverse funds based on your risk profile.


Lumpsum Investment Bonds


With deposit interest rates low, consider making your money work harder. Our Lumpsum Investment Bonds offer tailored investment funds for greater growth potential over a five-year horizon or more. Enjoy flexibility and transparency with full control over your portfolio.



Child Savings Plan



Secure your child's future today with our Child Savings Plan. Start early to maximize financial support opportunities and build a dedicated fund for your child's needs. Benefit from annual Gift Tax exemptions and expert guidance for informed decisions.