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Full Financial Planning Consult

COST €150

Full Financial Planning Consult

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FULL FINANCIAL PLANNING CONSULTATION €150 (Affectionately Known as Get My Life Sorted)

1 hour @ €150.00

Imagine your life is a massive pizza. Financial planning is akin to skillfully slicing that pizza, ensuring each piece has enough cheese, and you don't wind up with an empty crust. Initially, you must decide the size of the pizza you desire, understanding your financial goals and aspirations. Just like a well-proportioned pizza, a thoughtfully crafted financial plan ensures you savour every slice of life without missing out on the essential toppings. It's the recipe for a fulfilling and satisfying journey through the pizza of life! 🍕💸✨

Online Fact Find to be filled out in advance of meeting this will be emailed to you after booking.

This Consult Covers it all.

·         Review of your current financial situation

·         Payslip Analysis

·         Protect wealth & set financial goals for the future!

·         Product Advice on mortgage protection, income protection, specified illness cover

·         Personalized Retirement planning advice

·         Pension/Avc Set up.

·         Savings Advice

·         Investment Advice

·         Assistance with application process and policy documentation

·         Schedule follow up consultations if necessary.

·         Full plan provided via email after consultation.

·         Single or joint consultations (€50 extra joint)


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